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Welcome to the Team Page of
Dawn's Dragonfly Team
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Dawn's Dragonfly Team Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,333.33
Total Raised: $4,116.90

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 33
Members Recruited: 36

Join Dawn's Dragonfly Team!

Dawn will always be remembered for her endless love, joyful energy, and thoughtful gift giving. We are most thankful for the gifts with spiritual meaning...especially dragonflies, butterflies, fireflies, birdies, & daisies. Dawn, like the dragonfly, lived a short life with a great understanding of the deeper meaning in life. Dawn lived each day in the moment & to the fullest...she now inspires us to the same!

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,116.90  
General Team Donation$10.00  
Darlyne Klages$833.32  
   Heather A.Kamaka$25.00  
   Justin Boepple$0.00  
   Ruth Brackin$50.00  
   Tom Brackin$25.00  
   Jackson Dillon$10.00  
   Kjerstin Dillon$25.00  
   Caroline Gibbs$33.33  
   Richmond Gibbs$33.33  
   Savannah Gibbs$33.33  
   Lauren Glasser$25.00  
   Jason Gruenthal$40.00  
   Lindsy Hays$25.00  
   Ryan Hoppe$25.00  
   Titan Kamaka$160.00  
   Melissa Klages$33.33  
   Fran Lawrence$0.00  
   Marion LoVerde$683.33  
   Craig Mueller$33.33  
   Mandy Nethercutt$0.00  
   Jennifer Olsen$417.60  
   Len Olsen$333.00  
   Logan Olsen$310.00  
   Luis Pedro$25.00  
   Joshua Suggs$0.00  
   Jon Szafran$65.00  
   Lauren Szafran$25.00  
   Riley Szafran$10.00  
   Liz Thomas$100.00  
   Thomas Valley$0.00  
   jami viscomi$25.00  
   john viscomi$25.00  
   Susan White$333.00  
   Connor Wickett$110.00  
   Nick Wickett$225.00  
   Mason Wilson$10.00  

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